My Microsoft Ignite schedule or how to put too many sessions into too little time

Hey folks,

now it’s only one week left and preparations for Microsoft Ignite are running at full blast. Time for me (and for you) to plan the week in Atlanta and to build a personal Ignite schedule.

No conference without a plan

In order to get the best from a week full of sessions, talks, interviews, hands on labs and so on I’m used to have a plan before starting the trip. Microsoft Ignite schedule builder is the tool of your choice to have your week planned.


There are many things to learn at Microsoft Ignite and you won’t be able to attend to all sessions you are interested in. The following tips are what I’ve used to build my personal schedule:

Identify your personal must-see sessions

Microsoft Ignite sessions will be streamed into the Internet and made available as on-demand web sessions after the conference so you will be able to watch them at your own choice and at your own pace when you’re back home. Nevertheless, experience shows that most attendees won’t do so. While identifying your personal must-see sessions you will be sure not to miss any important sessions while you are onsite in Atlanta. Sessions you are interested in but which are less important for you can be watched later on. Or never. It’s your decision. Make sure not to miss hand-on labs, certification testing or discussion groups as they are only available onsite.

Overload your schedule

I like it to be prepared for unexpected changes. So in my schedule you will find many time slots that are blocked several times. If my must-see ranking changes while being onsite I have spare sessions which I can attend to.

Lunch at 12:00 pm

Remind yourself of having a break. Lunch time fits best for regaining energy and for networking. Eat something, have a chat or two, enjoy the day and you will be well prepared for the afternoon.

Make new contacts and network

What place on earth can be more suitable than the biggest Microsoft tech conference? Welcome Reception on Monday, The Expo Social Hour on Tuesday and Wednesday or attendee celebration on Thursday – there will be something for everyone. Have a beer, connect with peers and swap ideas!

Now, build your schedule and prepare for your trip. I’m looking forward to meeting you in Atlanta!

Author: Tom Janetscheck

Cloud Security Enthusiast | Security Advocate

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