Azure Saturday 2018 – Slide decks

Hey folks,

many of you have been asking for the Azure Saturday 2018 slide decks. As it was optional for the speakers to publish their decks and we didn’t ask them for the files, decks are spread around the clouds. This is why I’ve build a complimentary list of all slide decks I could find and published it here:

Alexander Arvidson – Azure SQL for the onprem DBA
Eric Berg – Azure Automation
Eric Berg – Azure Governance
Robert Boban – SAP on Azure
Martin Forch – Secure Cloud Identity
Patrick Heyde – Azure Big Deals
Tom Janetscheck – Azure Security Best Practices
Stefan Johner – Linux meets Azure IoT Hub
Gabi Muenster – Azure Analysis Services
Karl Ots – Navigating in the sea of Containers in Azure
Karl Ots – Azure + Security + DevOps = Awesomeness
Thomas Pentenrieder & Sebastian Jensen – Alexa on Azure
Mustafa Toroman & Sasha Kranjac – Azure Networking Inside Out
Mustafa Toroman & Sasha Kranjac – Red Team vs. Blue Team
Christian Weyer – Serverless Azure
Steef-Jan Wiggers – CosmosDB, Graph & Azure Search
Marius Zaharia – Modern architecture in the cloud of 2018

You can now find all slide decks at one place. More slide decks are added if and when they are published.

Thanks again to all speakers for making this year’s Azure Saturday awesome, again!

Azure Saturday 2018 – current state

Get some news on the upcoming Azure Saturday community conference and learn what else we are offering for the first time in 2018. Make sure to be part of it!

Howdy folks,

it’s only about five weeks to go until we kick off Azure Saturday 2018. We’ve closed our call for speakers and are currently busy deciding which of those awesome sessions you all have submitted we might chose for our event.

The sessions we have accepted so far will cover Security & Identity, serverless computing, CosmosDB, GDPR and many other topics. Our speakers are well-known experts addicted to community, Microsoft MVPs and Microsoft FTEs. Continue reading “Azure Saturday 2018 – current state”

#HitRefresh – time to say goodbye or to look forward to what’s next to come?

Individual change in a modern world is inevitable and so time has come for me to #hitrefresh.

Howdy folks,

have you read Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella? You should definitely do! Satya tells an extremely inspiring story about individual change, Microsoft’s transformation and the technology that will impact our lives in the future. It inspired me to rethink my role in technology and to write this article about my #hitrefresh moment. Continue reading “#HitRefresh – time to say goodbye or to look forward to what’s next to come?”