How to securely deploy Azure infrastructures with Terraform

Recently, I have intensely been using Terraform for infrastructure-as-code deployments. Since I’m always looking for security in automation I decided to start a blog series in which I explain how to configure and use Terraform to get the best out of it. This article describes the initial config of an Azure storage account as Terraform remote backend. Happy reading.

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if you have recently attended one of my talks or workshops you know that in my opinion, DevOps, infrastructure as code, and automated deployments are essential for security in cloud environments. For example, you can only access an Azure KeyVault secret during your VM deployment if you do not use Azure portal. You can chose whatever tool you want, however, in this post I’m going to focus on PowerShell, ARM templates and Terraform. Continue reading “How to securely deploy Azure infrastructures with Terraform”

Disaster Recovery for Azure IaaS virtual machines in public preview

On May 31st, Microsoft announced public preview of disaster recovery for Azure IaaS virtual machines. Learn how to implement this solution and what you should be aware of.

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Azure Site Recovery, Microsoft’s disaster recovery solution for your on-premises server infrastructures has been extended to the cloud. Yes, it always offered cloud-based disaster recovery but now you can also protect your Azure IaaS environment which makes it pretty easy to implement geo-redundancy.

Continue reading “Disaster Recovery for Azure IaaS virtual machines in public preview”