Watch your AD DS replication health with Azure AD Connect Health

Monitoring for AD DS is now in preview! Get an overview over the service and learn how to implement the solution in your environment.

Monitoring for AD DS via Azure AD Connect Health is now in public preview so it’s time for me to show you how easy it is to use and what it’s good for.

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New MCSE certifications available

Update 11/18/216: There is a living FAQ from Microsoft Certification Program-Team on their Born To Learn blog.

Hey all,

I just sat outside GWCC to get my mind free after a Microsoft Ignite morning full of networking, hands-on labs and expertise exchange as an email from Microsoft Certification Program team reached me. As of now I’m recognized as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Productivity (Charter) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (Charter). But what’s the deal with that?

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How to protect Azure resources from accidental deletion

Accidental deletion of Azure RM resources might be one of the biggest issues you might face in your career as Azure administrator. With that blog post I want to explain how to avoid losing your Azure resources after running a “Whipe All” PowerShell script against your productive cloud environment. Continue reading “How to protect Azure resources from accidental deletion”