Changing the pink for the blue pill – my next adventure

During the past decade, I have been working in several architect and consulting roles with different focus areas, starting with Windows Server 2003 to 2016, passing Hyper-V, Active Directory, Exchange Server, and ending with Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft 365. What they all had in common was my dedication to enterprise and cloud security and, looking back, I can say that it was a wild trip. Now, in spring 2020, the time has come for me to move ahead and leave the MVP community. Wait…what?!

One afternoon in Winter 2019/2020, I had a long conversation with somebody from Microsoft’s Azure Security Center product team. We chatted about current features, features to come (or not to come), customers’ needs, basically, the (NDA) stuff I’ve been enjoying as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for all the years. Being a Microsoft MVP means a very lot to me. Continue reading “Changing the pink for the blue pill – my next adventure”

Mastering Azure Security – my latest adventure

I hope, all of you are safe and sound during these challenging times. With this article, I want to inform you about my newest release – a book about Azure Security which I’ve co-authored with my friend Mustafa Toroman.

One day in early summer 2019, when I was sitting in my home office working on some Azure Security Center demos, my friend Mustafa sent me a message to tell me about his idea of writing a book about Azure Security. He already had an initial plan, however, he didn’t want to write the whole book on his own and so he asked me if I was interested in co-writing. Well, I was, and now I’m very excited that we are at the final stage of publishing our work within the next few weeks. Continue reading “Mastering Azure Security – my latest adventure”

New MCSE certifications available

Update 11/18/216: There is a living FAQ from Microsoft Certification Program-Team on their Born To Learn blog.

Hey all,

I just sat outside GWCC to get my mind free after a Microsoft Ignite morning full of networking, hands-on labs and expertise exchange as an email from Microsoft Certification Program team reached me. As of now I’m recognized as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Productivity (Charter) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (Charter). But what’s the deal with that?

Continue reading “New MCSE certifications available”

Pre-Day impressions from Microsoft Ignite 2016

Hey folks,

today I want to give you some ideas on how it is to be part of it. It is 4:45 AM and as I’ve got nothing else useful to do (yeah, I’m still kind of jetlagged) it might be a good idea to become productive in the early morning. Continue reading “Pre-Day impressions from Microsoft Ignite 2016”