Azure Archive Blob Storage is generally available

Azure Archive Blob Storage and blob-level tiering is GA so I updated my script and published it on GitHub. Happy testing!

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last week, Kumail Hussain announced GA of Azure Archive Blob Storage, an announcement that seems like a christmas present to me. Those of you who had already read my blog on the preview phase know how to use this new storage tier in Azure. All the rest: go on reading! Continue reading “Azure Archive Blob Storage is generally available”

Azureandbeyond on

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in the past I’ve provided several PowerShell code snippets related to Azure infrastructure and security topics on my blog. As things are getting more and more complex and maintaining code in blog posts is really anoying, I’ve decided to move on. As of now, I’m going to provide all my PowerShell code on my AzurePS repository. Make sure to follow the repo in order to always get up to date information when things change.

As a first item I’ve published a short PowerShell code snippet that enables you to request Just-in-Time VM Access to any VM in any eligible ARM subscription.

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Customize your Azure VMs with Custom Script Extensions

Custom Script Extensions are a possibility to customize ARM VMs without using ARM templates. All you need is PowerShell. Sounds great? Then give it a try!

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today I’m gonna show you a way to automatically deploy and customize virtual machines in Azure Resource Manager without using ARM templates. Custom Script Extensions can help you to achieve your goal by only leveraging PowerShell.

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Azure Resource Manager Storage Accounts: How to plan your storage architecture V2

Planning Azure storage architecture means knowing about the infrastructure behind. Learn how to automatically deploy ARM Storage Accounts in this blog post.

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in spring 2016 I’ve published a blog post on how to automatically create ASM storage accounts and what to consider in order to speed up blob transfers. Today I invite you to learn how to automatically create ARM Storage Accounts and what’s the difference.

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PowerShell, Azure and macOS? Absolutely!

Azure CLI on macOS is good for some Azure scripting but it lacks many features PowerShell can offer. Learn how to teach your Mac to talk PowerShell to your Azure environment.

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as you might know – I’m a PowerShell enthusiast. And I’m an Azure enthusiast. That’s why I normally use PowerShell for automating tasks around my cloud environment. Well, and I love my Macbook. With Azure CLI on macOS you can do interesting things like provisioning new VMs or get a status overview on them. But Azure CLI is not PowerShell and so it lacks some features I really appreciate.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-11 um 19.01.04.png
Azure CLI after executing the azure vm list command

Today I’m gonna show you the best of two worlds – how to manage your Azure environments using a Mac with Azure PowerShell cmdlets on macOS. How it works? Learn it here!

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How to use stored secrets from Azure Key Vault while deploying ARM VMs

Server deployments can be very challenging when it comes to delegating deployments to admins that must not know local admin credentials. Learn how to automate deployments without giving your passwords away using Azure Key Vault.

Who does not know this scenario? You want a trainee to deploy a Windows Server but you do not want to give him or her access to your secret administrator passwords at all. Or you want to delegate deployments to a service provider but you need your passwords to stay save? Azure Key Vault could be what makes your life way easier.

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