StorSimple – hybrid storage in a cloudy IT

Learn how StorSimple can improve your TCO and why it’s best suitable to support your cloud strategy.

Howdy folks,

nowadays, talking about IT infrastructure means talking about weather. Clouds are everywhere and in order to avoid thunderstorms you need to have an appropriate transition strategy. Azure StorSimple is one of those services that are often underrated but can improve your TCO enormously.

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Architectural proposal for highly resilient cloud infrastructures on Azure

Amazon’s AWS outage teached us that having mission-critical business systems running in the cloud doesn’t mean you don’t have to plan for high availability. Learn what you need to consider in this blog post.

One week ago, Amazon’s AWS customers impressively experienced what it means to depend on a cloud provider’s infrastructure as the US-EAST-1 region came down due to an employee’s error. Since, I’ve had lots of discussions about resiliency, reliability and redundancy of cloud infrastructures, especially of Microsoft’s Azure and Office 365 datacenters. But what happened? And is there any possibility to avoid your business coming down if there is a hardware outage in one of the Azure/Office 365 regions?

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